I have a Dream

I dreamed of becoming somebody when I first got admitted in school and I do still today but sometimes I feel I am doing nothing except dreaming. I go to bed every night promising myself to do something worth while tomorrow only to end up like yesterday.

Time seems to be dragging by when I so much want to get a job and earn living. There is still couple of months before I could appear for the CSCE exams and get myself placed in a job. Sometimes I wish time would just fly by. I feel envious seeing my old friends going everyday to office, returning in the evening to the warmth of their house. Life seems a fun to them all and I can’t wait to grab my share of that fun.

When I get a job it’s going to be fun. I am going to go an hour before the office opens and return an hour after the closing time. I am going to stay very busy and occupied. Learn all the new stuff and upgrade myself. That’s how it is going to be on the professional life. On the personal front too, it’s going to be different. There won’t be much time for anything except work. Well social circle of course will be there because friends are needed in all spheres of life but up to a limit.

I’d want to work for few years but eventually I hope to start my own business. Given a chance I’d start a business first but working few years is important because I need budget to set up my own business. I have already started worrying for a name or a logo for my company but since I have few years for that I am sure I will come up with something. I have so big a dream; a dream of becoming somebody, making my own name in this world so that I’ll be remembered when I am gone from here. I can only hope my dreams can turn into reality.

Well I have never thought of marriage and kids as such, neither are those included in my dream but if it’s fated then it may happen but I won’t regret much if it never happened to me. I have never thought of myself as a ‘wife-material’ and I am sure I will make an awful mother and a terrible wife. No man would be able to put up with my character and impatience. I think god never meant for me to marry but trust me, I am not looking for love and children. I guess I am a ‘commitment phobe’ because the very thought of marriage scares me. I am lucky to be born as a Bhutanese because there’s no one to force me into marriage if I didn’t want to.

Well I just hope there will be money and happiness in my life with no husband and children. I hope I will be able to look after my folks well and give good education to my nieces and nephews and my kid brother. I hope I can be a nun when I become old. And I hope I will have a successful, busy and fruitful life. I look forward to living 50 more years..haha…


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