History repeats again

Anita was on the phone again (did I tell you who she was? Well she used to be the maid at my uncle’s place). Who could have been on the other side, I wondered. This conversation went on for eternity and daily routine for her until I intervened one day.

I snatched the phone from her and asked who the person was on the other side.
“Mr. abc. And you?” judging by the voice I suspected him to be in his thirties.. uhh late thirties I should say.
“Well I am xyz” I answered coolly.
That was the beginning of the start. Now he totally lost interest in the other two girls and always asked for me. He was interested to know everything about me and I told him every possible lies. I told him I was a mother of five with salt-pepper hair and a home-maker but he wasn’t convinced. Our conversation became more and more interesting with each passing day.

I knew him to be older than me but I was surprised to have found out that he was some seventeen years my senior.
We were always on the phone talking and knowing each other though we haven’t met in real life. Then one day I was told that he was coming to Thimphu. I was excited at the same time worried. Anxiety was everything I felt in the next few days and eventually the fateful day arrived.

It was after 5 pm but still my uncle and aunt did not return home from work which gave me ample time to compose myself and rest my thumping heart against my chest, for the anticipation that wields against my stomach. It was then he called me outside to meet him for the very first time. Something held me back. I realized then that I was not ready for the encounter. I wanted to run, scream and wished the world collapsed and swallowed me alive. He called again and I was informed that he was just outside the house and waiting.

I sent Anita as my disguise. She went only to return shortly. I knew she wasn’t successful in her mission. Well the guy knew it was the wrong person. She described the guy as old, fat, bulky, broad etc. I was on the verse of changing my mind when I was called again. When I could come with no more excuses I went outside at once.

No sooner did I appear at the gate when I felt full force of a car’s headlight on my face. After adjusting my eyes to the darkness, a darker shade of green Maruti Van came towards me. It stopped a little distance away from me and the person inside beckoned me to him. I went hesitantly and stopped right in front of him, dump-founded.

Well to describe him, he was fair with charcoal black hair. He was wearing dark sunglasses (which I found awkward because it was dark then), so I did not notice his eyes’ color. Since he was seated I could not see his height too but Anita was right when she said he was huge and bulky.

Well the very first thing he did was shook my hand and did not let go off it easily. I had to finally pull away my hand. I became pretty skeptical about his behavior from the start.
“Pleased to meet you”, I was informed but I was worried if my uncle and aunty found me together with this weird man.

But he wasn’t done with me. We spent sometime talking before I could be excused. That was the beginning of a long relationship of betrayal, lies and excuses: a relationship based purely on lies….


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