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Grads from India: Not equivalent to others?

“Where have you graduated from?” India. “awoo.. Are you a genuine graduate? Or you paid money and passed?” that’s the common expression today. It’s become a clique these days. The word “India” is enough to directly come to the conclusion but that’s not fair to all of us. Yes, it’s true there are so people who just pay money and pass but isn’t there exception for everything? There will be few grads from every university but why discriminate only grads from India?

There are many grads like us in India who have not missed a single class. Not missed any tests be it class or university exams. We have good grades as an outcome of our hard work, a result of ‘burning the midnight oil’ so it’s not fair to brand all of us in that “awoo” category. There are graduates from India doing so well in the civil service exams. In Bhutan majority of the graduates come from India so it’s expected to find few corrupt cases but that gives people no right to down look upon all the grads.

Recently, at Lingkana palace, ex-lyonpo Chenkhap Dorji asked me, “Where have you graduated from?”
“Bangalore,” replied I
His next remark was, “mashey mey. Turu jing tey pass menga?” (Passed by paying)
I was shocked. Never had I in my wildest dream thought of doing such an illegal act. “Men la. We did have genuine results,” responded I. He further said he thought so because there are cheat consultants who waste student’s money but good-for-nothing.

Well I don’t blame his Excellency, because this is our Bhutanese attitude towards India studied grads. People think we do nothing in India for 3 years. It’s annoying to observe people’s expression changing from a smile to a slight frown when I mention my university. I feel like removing the smug off that person’s face.

I just wish people would treat all the graduates equally just as the RCSC does.

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