Gosh!! When do we stop studying?

When I was in school I thought I’d become a nun after class X if I didn’t qualify for government school in class XI. That ‘nun’ subject never surfaced again because I did qualify.

After ISC when I didn’t qualify for Sherubtse College I had to opt for diploma. Though the course really helped me a lot I wasn’t satisfied with my qualification. These days a bachelor’s degree is the minimum qualification in the job market.

I remember my diploma days in RIM when I felt so small in presence of the post-graduate students down there. That was when I decided that I need a degree too if only to boost my ego.
Well now that I have it, I see most people going for masters. Many people I know are either in the US or Canada or Australia and yet again I am starting to feel small with those people with Masters onto their credentials.

One week in office and I am already longing to do masters but my chances this time is very slim since I am not a civil servant but a corporate employee. With the help of my dear sister I have already started enquiring about the IELTS exams which is one of the basic requirements for pursuing any master’s course.

If I ever get to do Masters would be I satisfied then? Or would I want to do PhD then? Are we ever satisfied with what we have?


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  1. Oh don't even think about it, some is radically changing in you. I hope everything will be fine you are excelling very fast and you knowledge is multiplying day by day. Nothing is impossible for you, you wish that and that will be yours keep it up

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