Give me a Break..

Today i attended the job fair organized by the MoLHR.It wasn’t a big success for me for the fact that i didn’t get any job because there wasn’t any on-spot recruitment promised by them.

also i got the opportunity to see the great Dungse Thinley Norbu Rinpoche at the memorial chorten after much pushing and dragging by the crowd accumulated there but i am glad having got the opportunity.

Now. trust me, i seriously need a break from blogging because it’s high time I start studying something for the upcoming RCSC exams and interviews. I am really not confident of anything but I’d want to give it a try without any promises. In the meantime you readers must excuse me for a couple of weeks. I hope you guys will miss me while i am away.

When you are bored, please go through my older posts. That way you won’t miss me hehe.. well I am off for now but i hope I will have so many good stuffs to post.
Until we meet again.
with Love
Payday (tpG)


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  1. You better take break from here. this is what you gonna get in RCSC Paper dear. Study and be prepared to face the real thing in life.

    You ll have all time for blogging once u get somewhere. I won't like to see anything coming until RCSC exam iss over. Meahwile check ur facebbook inbox.
    all the best with preparation and on 15th. good luck dear

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