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Future of Bhutanese economy

Yesterday at the NGOP, we had a session on the “future of Bhutanese economy” and the dignitaries from the Ministry of economic affairs. It was an interesting talk about the economy and what are the measures to sustain it. The resource persons were successful in giving us an insight to the future of the Bhutanese economy.

The following is the question I asked the secretary of MoEA. It might sound silly but I asked it anyways.

The government’s vision of achieving 10,000 MW of electricity by 2020 is very far sighted. It’s definitely going to be a big boost to the Bhutanese economy. However, all those companies undertaking the hydro-power projects are Indian companies like HCC (Hindustan Construction Company), Gammon India etc and they are not willing to employ Bhutanese people because they think we lack the required skills.
If this trend goes on, how are we going to develop our human resources, which is one of the integral parts of the Bhutanese economy?

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