Funny incident: it happened to me again..

Last time, my brother and I were watching some historical programme on BBS where one man was explaining to other, who appeared to me as a reporter, about the kings of Bhutan. Well my brother said, “aani mi dib en za zaw chi yoe mey” (meaning: this man is quite something).
Well I just looked at the old man explaining and remarked, “Well, what’s the big deal about him”.
“He’s Dasho Karma Ura tey”, said he.
“Dasho what?” oh my god! Then only it registered to me. No wonder he said so many things about the kings of Bhutan. But how could I have not recognized him is something I failed to comprehend. He came thrice to the orientation (NGOP-2009). I even asked him a question. How stupid of me? That shows how much I learned from orientation. Dasho Karma Ura came thrice but I didn’t even see his face though heard him.
Well I certainly hope I heard whatever he has said.


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  1. hehe it happens…how much you learnt from the orientation depends on what you have heard and out them into your ‘grey matter’ not necessarily by making out who he is. Yeah..Dasho Karma Ura is known for his scholastic contribution. He is the man held in high esteem. Unfortunately his premature resignation from the National Council left us saddened though he might have had his own personal reasons that triggered him to.

  2. haha, i dont think hes that old actually….dont worry about it though. If it gives you any consolation, Dasho Karma Ura once thought i was some school principal….he actually said that to a whole hall of people who were sitting there listening to him speak about GNH. Apparently i resemble some school ppl, haha. but anyway, i guess the hall was a little dark. So its not just u…:P
    Oh, and great work with the blog, keep writing

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