Fund raising campaign for the earthquake victims in the east

There was this fund raising campaign yesterday too but I wasn’t aware of it. I was informed that they got around 43,000 from Thimphu clock tower from the ‘folk fair’. The campaign was an initiative taken by the NGOP-2009. The amount was contributed to some accident victims and patient with kidney failure.

Well my friend and I were going to the CBS (centre for Bhutan studies) for the talk on GNH by Dasho Karma Ura. When we were about to leave I called up a friend of mine to check on others; he said there’s hardly anybody attending the GNH talk because people are involved in the fund raising for the earthquake victims in the east. He called us up to the YDF hall and so we went there.

Upon reaching there I was surprised to find about some fifty graduates who were busily making banners and donation box with very meaningful messages pasted on the boxes and the banners. The fifty of us packed ourselves in seven cars with the messages pasted (like – they depend on us; we depend on you), on the cars as well and made a round of Thimphu town after that we went to our respective assigned ministries and offices.

We were four in our group; two boys and two girls. Our assigned ministry was ministry of labor and human resources (MoLHR). We went straight away to meet the secretary but unfortunately he wasn’t there so we went to meet the director general. We got contributions from almost all employees in there. Almost everyone was kind enough to contribute and we were really happy. Finally it was time to visit the minister himself and so we went to his office. The PA asked us to wait but the wait wasn’t too long. We were admitted almost immediately inside where the minister, Lyonpo Dorji Wangdi, shook our hands one by one after which we were offered seats. The minister was very friendly and by the end of the visit I almost forgot I was in presence of a minister. He was kind enough to enquire about the campaign and encouraged us. He also talked about the jobs available in Bhutan as of now and the upcoming job fair. He said the RCSC will be presenting all the jobs available in the 10th FYP. We are offered tea in his office and it was as if we were all peers there. For me it was a life time achievement. Never had I sat with minister before in my life. I was honored to be given the opportunity. We made around seven thousand from the Labour ministry.

After lunch we went to ACC but Dasho Neten Zangmo was in a meeting for so long that we couldn’t get anything. Similar thing happened with Bhutan insurance limited (BIL). The MD wanted to contribute themselves separately so we didn’t get anything. After 5 pm we started with the shops. I was with a different group then and our assigned area was from traffic area to the hongkong market. The place was full of sales and small shops. We had to skip all the ‘pan’ shops because we didn’t want to exert any pressure on them. The contribution was much but it was ok. The major amount came from the club under the Bhutan times office. There were media people and politicians and they contributed much. After them it was almost time for closing shops so we returned to the clock tower where we were supposed to meet.

All groups made very huge amounts. Some groups got clothes and dishes even. Since ‘accountability’ and ‘transparency’ was much stressed on the amount was counted in groups and handed over to the chief counselor. The net amount I believe will be handed to the office of Gyalopi Zimphoen which would eventually be distributed among the bereaved families and the victims.

I may not have done much but I am happy that I could do something for a good cause. Since it was for a social cause I was very happy to be a part of it. I contributed Nu 50 from my pocket. I hope the generous contributions made by the fellow citizens could help the victims. We are all proud to be there for each other in times of need and this must continue. Let no harm or disasters befall Bhutan; let the people enjoy eternal peace!!!!


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