Friends, a basic necessity

“Good friends are like stars…. You don’t always see them, but you know they are always there”

I take this opportunity to thank those wonderful people I met in Bangalore without whom my life would have sucked a big time.


Pema was the only real Bhutanese friend I had in Bangalore and we still are best friends. She’s always so agreeable and willing to whatever I decide. For me she was a friend as well as a little sister.
During three years of our stay we never fought because we had no reason to. It was always her who would listen to whatever I had to say, agree on whatever I decide. My life wouldn’t have been so wonderful had it not been for her.
Well do you remember how we used to always have ‘kewa’? Poor potatoes! We have exhausted you so much. Remember how we used to have only curry of kewa with not even datsi? Remember the times when we were ‘michael’ over Druknet chat?
Thank you, Pema, for being there for me always. I hope we will remain good friends forever.

p.s. Michael means crazy. something i learned in B’Lore


One of the reasons why I have become so bossy around people was because I had friends like Mithun who would always agree with me. One would never be able to comprehend why how you tolerated all my tantrums and annoyance. It was you who listened to me sulking and helped and guided me with almost everything. Trust me; I wouldn’t have done anything without your help. I know we fought many times because you can be interfering sometimes and me not understanding and quite selfish. I can still remember how successful we are as partners. Remember the ‘Blu-ray’ presentation we did together and how we won the first place and how we won the treasure hunt with the help of our good old friend Tim.
I just hope you have forgiven me for saying all those hurting words those days. You are one great friend and I hope we remain friends even if we are physically miles away from each other.


I wish I had known you from the first semester rather than the third but I am glad that I made your acquaintance. Sometimes you might have gotten quite annoyed by people teasing us together but I hope you haven’t taken it to heart because I didn’t.
Well I must admit I have learned so many things from you. For instance, I learned to be bold and courageous, to love, to be sociable and to be cool and calm and not to panic during exam time and there are many more. I can never thank you enough for being my teacher during exam time and for always lending your ears to my never ending troubles. Thank you so much for being there for me. I hope we remain in touch and friends for all times to come.


Lobzang, sometimes I take you for granted because you were there with me during diploma days and then degree. Although I feel sometimes quite formal with you I can remember you always helping me with one thing or the other.
I can still remember how you helped me during the diploma days with my VB programs and designing. Your help extended to my Bangalore days, when you had to design my presentations and my project as well. I owe you two certificates (I got from presentations) and my project marks (238/300). Trust me, I wouldn’t have done it without you friend. I am very indebted to you and I hope we remain friends till infinity times.

Sendil,Standley,Kiran, Manish, Meet, Bebothi,James

Thank you guys, for being my friend. You guys rock. Halleluiah to you guys..


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  1. Thank you for saying so many good things well I use to irritate you a lot and I use to interfere in your life all the time because I was a true friend and something goes wrong with u will hurt me too, so the time which you have spend here was not only your but was mine too, I always want my friend to be happy no matter what it cost. Will tried my maximum to make my friends happy and was always on my toes when you needed the help and in feature. Well you also helped me a lot to improve my English a specially basically I am from a place, were they never use to speak English I can never image of talking this good English without you helped me a lot to improve my English And I had a stage fear which was totally washed out when you were my partner in ‘Blu- ray’ presentation. I would have been nothing if you were not there for me in studies too as I never had a back paper since you were here next door with me always to shared your books, notes and so on
    Well I can never for Cycling, morning walk, ‘Blu-ray’, AIMS, U in Hubli, NOKING, Depeast fear, P.B and so on…..

  2. Yeah, I know that friends are one of the tool in the anyone's life that help us to make our life worth living. But there are also those friends who drag us to the worst form of sufferings.

    It is upto us what kind of friend we want. But it is true that we need fiends.

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