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Forgetting the ‘invisible man’

The gentle breeze was soft on my face
Blowing my hair gently, tickling my skin
Whispered something in my ears
That was audible to me only
And that put a broad grin on my face; smiled to myself

Pedestrians were busily walking
Oblivious to the others walking by
Lost in their own little world
The sky suddenly grew dark
The rain threatens to give way

As I walked and walked
The torrential rain poured down on me
Wetting me to the skin
There under the shelter of a tree
Was a man with both his hands on his head
Trying to ward off the heavy rain
Dead to the rest of the world

As I stared into his face
I was reminded of the invisible man
The man I had fallen in love with
The man who have given me many sleepless nights
The man who has left me at last
And deprived me of my only heart

Why did he have to come back now?
Now when I was about to forget him
Now when I was beginning to see other men as men only
Now when I was about my find my lost heart
Now when I nearly regained my sanity

But it was impossible not to steal a look
At those green eyes that haunted me for months
It was too tempting not to stay put
Too irresistible not to let him notice me
But was it worth it? at the cost of what?

Slowly did he open his eyes as I moved to go
Gave me the look that bored holes into me
It was too hard not to held on his gaze
But he dimmed with each passing second
And disappeared with a streak ray of light
Where was the invisible man?

Was he really here a moment ago?
Or have I just imagined him?
Was some one playing a dirty trick on me?
Was it god’s way of punishing me?
Oh almighty god! Why did you take away my invisible man?

My heart was broken into thousand pieces all over again
But I vowed to love him with every broken piece
The wait for the invisible man is going to be long
But I am willing to wait for eternity
Wait for the next seven generation
Only to have him back even for split of a second

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  1. wow…niceone. Hope every boy every lover have a girl like u in their life. So wonderful.Who ever this invisible man is… he is a lucky man. Thats love wat i learn from you… Thank u

  2. hi POPEYE thanks for the compliments. well that person is the one i met online (just like u met urs), of whom i have already told u about. remember? the online guy i haven't seen or met in reality.
    looking fwd to many such comments from u pope.
    C Ya

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