Experience of climbing a mountain

In the following article, I have drawn few similarities between living a life and climbing a mountain. Though these two have much in common I couldn’t do justice to the article due to my lack of experience and poor writing skills.

It was a tough job being here. I had to climb the mountains, cross the rivers and defend myself from the hungry wild animals ready to pound on me. It was a hot sunny day and my face burnt from the sun, my legs itched for some rest and my throat constricted from lack of water. My body was falling from sheer exhaustion. I felt like the mountains were growing taller the more I climbed up. I felt like going back down but that was no rational solution because I had made it till here so I couldn’t just give up also. I had to make it but knew not how.

I wished the mountains weren’t so steep. I wished the journey was shorter. I wished I could rest longer but it wasn’t so. There’s not much time to rest and so were the cases with the journey and the mountains being steep. My body was exhausted but I had to move on because there was not much time to spare and so I went on. The journey was not completely without distraction. There were so many obstacles on the way to be done away with. The first obstacle was the climate. The weather was never constant. It was sunny one moment and raining the next. There was need for shelter on the way, appropriate clothing for different weather condition but there were times I have worn thin flimsy clothes for cold days and thick for hot sunny days. There were mismatch many a times. The forest was thick and bushy. I had to fight the insects and reptiles on the ground. It was scary to find myself worn around by huge snakes. There were fights between us because I refused to concede with them and give away. Sometimes I used to scream a lot for help but there was none because my fiends were busy fighting their own wars. The other obstacle on my journey was the wild animals. There were always watching and looking for the right time to eat my alive. They were waiting to catch me during my vulnerable time and when I am low because I prove a strong enemy and an opponent when I am not.

After each win against the enemies I move ahead though still tired and exhausted. I could give up right there but I didn’t want to because I meant to fight this war. I meant to be a winner and move on and eventually reach my destination but the destination wasn’t so near, I have a long journey ahead but I mean to go on. Though tired but when I look back I have not come far; it’s not even half of my journey but I am not so eager to finish it because I meant to enjoy while it last, not forgetting the fight against natural calamities and the reptiles. So far there wasn’t much fight because the bigger and the mighty enemies are way ahead of me waiting to defeat me if I prove them a weak opponent.

I was just on the slope of that mountain when I looked down the valley from where I came. Wow!! The view is amazing; from here everything in the valley looks so small. It’s a bird-eye view and everything looks so catchy. It feels great being here and looking at other things and seeing them so small in front of me. Just imagine how would it feel to be on the top of that mountain? It must be a great feeling to achieve in that area too. Although I am just on the slope I meant to climb to the top in the next 40 years and enjoy the gorgeous view despite obstacles and distractions.


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