Event upstage – An afternoon experience

The hall is buzzing
With the excited debaters on the stage
The bored audience on the floor
I was on one corner of the hall
With earphones plugged deep in my ears
The music is deafening
Oblivious to the noise outside

The day slowly drags on
With every minute seeming like an year
My body aches of sitting
A day long on the same hard chair
My eyes slowly refuse to stay open
After a hearty meal of lunch

Now, my eyes constantly sway
To the clock on the wall
Wishing time would fly by
Only to find just few minutes passed

Will the people ever stop that deafening noise?
Won’t they stop applauding just for once?
The noise keeps on increasing
The music isn’t enough to ward off the noise
Will the people shut their mouth ever?

The debaters are shouting
More than they ever could make any points
More than they ever argue
The audience engrossed in chat
Least interested in what’s going upstage

People all around me are busy
Some munching, some chatting,
Some making fun, some passing chits around
Who’s concentrating on what’s happening upstage?

I raised my head to see
A debater in action; knows not what he’s saying
A boy on the balcony
Fanning heat off his face
A girl just excused herself and exit the hall
The doma aroma is too strong
Coming from the boy next to me
At the moment the house master comes in
Commands the standing boy
To take his seat
But who’s concentrating on the event upstage?

What are we doing here?
Why are we not interested in the event upstage?
Why are we wasting our time?
Are we there for the sake of being there?
Why are we not interested in the events upstage?

p.s. this is my first time trying my hand at poem. please forgive me if i made any mistake. i m not familiar with poems.


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