Embarrassing moment: one of the hundreds..

Well I remember writing an article about being on the live telecast of BBS on the ‘international democracy’ day. Well I also remember mentioning why I had to ask a question just to please my mom.

Well I remember asking some stupid question. I think it’s better to write the question here so that the readers can judge for themselves how stupid it really was. My question was the following (in Dzongkha of course):

“As of now we have only two MPs from the opposition party in the parliament (NA) which is not really effective to the best functioning of the government.
Is there any chance that the ruling party and the opposition can be 50 – 50?”

Well my question must have sounded so stupid to all the viewers that night because it was dismissed by the host of the night (Dawa) as something obvious and needed no answer. The only person who was happy with my question was Gasa MP Damcho, who happened to be from the opposition party.

It was so embarrassing that I wished the earth could open up that very moment and swallowed my alive. I regretted asking that question before the last word was out of my mouth. But the past is past; I thought nobody would remember it and 70% of Bhutanese people may not have switched on their TV so I was relieved that many would not have seen it. But that wasn’t all; since that night, they have shown the programme twice and each time I was reminded of my silly question.

I just wish I had hold on my tongue that night. I wish I knew why they have to show that programme so frequently. I wish I could erase that question from my past because it still haunts me. Relatives, friends, enemies, acquaintances alike, must have seen me on BBS and said I was not even able to ask a question properly. When I think of it, I have a tough time restraining myself from doing something stupid.

I just wish they won’t show it again so that people won’t talk bad about me. I wish I could present myself better when I had the opportunity. It’s simply too embarrassing even to recall that incident…he he.. Please don’t laugh at me.


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  1. Hi Tashi,
    May be I am too anonymous for you. Right? But you know what? I am always with you on that account. There is nothing for you to be ashamed of. My conscience is clear. You asked very genuine question which has long been embedded within Bhutanese community especially after the first election. You are not being stupid when you’re asking if there is ever chance of two parties securing 50:50. The host should have noted the wisdom behind it. The wisdom in your question is when you ask that, you’re questioning the credibility of the parties; you’re reminding them so much they should be competent enough to make the citizens of Bhutan incompetent enough to make their choices for which they should vote on and only because the political ideologies of the parties are equally good for the citizens to have confused who they should vote.
    You could gather enough guts and gumptions to ask the question. I am sure someone sometime in the years down the line will definitely repeat it. I bet! It is other way of reminding the political parties why they drastically loose the elections. It will drive them to reflect what went wrong where and what could be the measures they should consider to mend such lacunae.

    Tashi Deleck.

  2. Oh come on no question is silly. It might look like silly to you but for others it is a good question. You have to clear your doubts no matter how silly was the question u asked well I want to tell you Something ….
    In the book was not clear, so teacher drew diagram on black board and announced
    “Don’t look at book figure, look at my figure …!”

  3. no don't worry about the question.. it is not silly at all.. i mean it is not possible mathematically but i think what you meant is that – does Bhutan need bigger opposition.. as opposed to two out of 47?

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