Druk Holdings & Investment (DHI)

10 days into the orientation, and I already asked 6 questions. Though there were more but I didn’t get the opportunity to ask them all. Today we were supposed to have “historical and geo-political realities of Bhutan” and I had framed a question in my mind and went but the NGOP committee thought DHI is more important so we had guests from DHI and DHI owned corporations.

I asked the following question.

Why is DHI taking control of only the high grossing companies (or corporations)?
Also I believe that the pay hike of 15% in corporations is only for those companies making the profit of Nu 2 million per annum like BoB,BNB, Bhutan Telecom etc. why is the pay hike not given to the employees of other no so high grossing companies. By this is DHI not neglecting the rule of “equal pay for the same pay”?


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