Driving: My Passion, My Dream



If I were a boy, I’d become a driver because driving seems like the best profession in the whole wide world. I’ve always envied a driver more than a doctor but for the life of mine I could never afford to buy a car for myself neither had I the privilege to learn.
Knowing to drive must be loads of fun; seriously I fail to understand why some people hate driving or why big shots need drivers to drive them around the city or to work. If only I knew driving, I’d drive, drive and drive. If I had money I’d rather invest in cars than in real estate properties.
At this stage of my life, I deceive myself by thinking I’ve achieved the very basic necessities of life except maybe a car to complete the cycle. If I were to die in a couple of months, the first thing on my bucket list will be driving.  To me driving is like craziness, I totally adore it and it’s going to be stuck with me for a long time to come.
Now that I come to think of it, car loan is the sole reason why I joined a bank instead of the civil service, in the first place, since bank employees can avail car loan at 5 %. If only I could own a car by myself I wouldn’t have to rely on others to learn driving. As it is people are quite reluctant to lend their car for learning purpose because many believe new hands are not good for their car. As much as I love driving I’ve this wheel phobia equally (whatever the technical term for this is), but it’s not going to stop me from pursuing my dream, come may hell or high-water.
While walking to office in the morning, I envy every driver on the street that sweeps by me, that I’d so consumed by greed by the time I reached my office. For me, the greatest possession of any man, is a car (s), although almost every Bhutanese buy car (s) on car loan provided by the banks.
I just can’t wait for my probation period to get over so that I can avail the car loan too. Doesn’t matter how big or small, which brand, as long as it has 4 wheels, mobile and can take me to places?
Having learned absolutely no driving till date, I’m little skeptical of this car craziness; whether I’d ever learn or if I could afford, of accidents, of license etc etc…but come on, let me think of all these things in future. For now, I need to reassure myself that I can do it if million others can….


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  1. TPG, nice reason to join banking world! lol
    Anyway, I was like you 8 months ago now I am a licensed driver and having fun. But “why should man have all the fun?”(from a TV Ad) Women drivers would make the driving profession more attractive and probably government would think of pay revision in that sector.
    Well, your probabition period will be over soon and you will buy a car but you will have to wait for 6 months with the learner license to get tested for License, so get your Learner License now! by the time you buy the car, it will only take a week to learn. Then go for test!

  2. @PaSsu: right why should man have all the fun. well i actually got my Learner's a month or so ago and my probation will be over my June. I just can't waited to get my hands on the wheel. but as i was saying, i'm bit scared. but thanks for the reassurance and encouragement. I appreciate your concern.

  3. I'm sure you'll have lotsa fun. Your probation will pass in a wink. Rock Thimphu town with your dream car!

  4. Just don't land up like one of your corporation's employees.
    We don't want to hear a news saying- 26 yrs old girl,an employee of BNBL,who has very recently completed her probation period died in a car accident.The very car which was bought with 5% loan interest facility provided by BNBL.

    What a great lose it would be then?

    Drive safe!!!

    Don't fly in the AIR with that so called boosted ego.Lay low your ego.Everyday is not SUNDAY!

    Meanwhile go visit some temples.

    Hope i have given you a low blow.Well,you have asked for it.So be it!

    Your well wisher

  5. An interesting read, Tashi; and as you join the thousands of motorists already on our roads, I hope you will put safety and responsibility above everything else. And that they do not take a backseat the moment you climb behind the wheels.

    As someone looking forward to having your own share of moment on the road, I invite you to spare a few minutes to read a modest write-up that I wrote a few months back-http://www.cholachorus.com/?p=20#more-20.

    Best wishes with that quest of yours and safe driving!

  6. @James: whoever you're I'm sure i won't meet with any accident if thousands of other Bhutanese did not. but thanks for the concern shown.
    well i don't remember asking for your 'blow' neither boosting my ego because i'm not an egoist person by nature.

  7. @Lakey: i visited your link. it's a very nice piece and u've a great blog there. tried adding to my 'Blogs I Read; list but in vain. anways thanks for the best wishes.

  8. It is fine,if you are not egoistic.

    Then i am left with this;

    1.Happy driving
    2.Happy visiting temples
    3.Happy writing;

    Well wisher

  9. I am sure if BNBL were to read your blog, they wouldn't be pleased that you joined them just for the car loan & not a career there. I don't know about BNBL but organisations prefer people who are motivated, identify with the culture & enjoy working with them.

    And in the long run – I think you are fooling yourself. If you don't like the work – get out (car loan or not). You will perform better, progress better & get better cars doing a work you enjoy most.

    And if I were you – I would remove this post. Whatever your thoughts about work – don't get them on here. When the banking industry is getting competitive – banks (BNB & all) want to reduce costs, improve margins & deliver good results to the customers & the shareholders. And they would do that well without some not-so-motivated people.


  10. i never said i don't like my work. well if i'm not mistaken, i remember saying the initial reasons why i joined Bank is because of the loan provision. however i've changed my mind since then. i adore my work and any blind person can see that if they know the number of hours i spent everyday in office and the amount of work i do. however why am i even bothered justify myself here, as long as my Boss and colleagues know i work hard.

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