Dreaming of skyscrapers

It would be stupid of me if I said, ‘I wish to own a company’ because then you’d argue with me saying, ‘who doesn’t?’ but trust me, my reasons are very simple. It’s not because of the money it could fetch but because I like the idea of ‘logo’ and the caption that defines the services provided by the company.

I have always liked the idea of logo. Somehow it uniquely identifies you, the proprietor of that business, be it small or large. Many people today identify the products with logos that specify the brand. It’s like as soon as you see a logo you will know which brand and which company a particular product belongs to and that I should say is very interesting thing.

When you find a cricket field or football ground surrounded by those international brands you would wish you had a company too. I like the idea of companies sponsoring events for advertising.

In the hope of doing something in future I have taken one step ahead of others by designing a logo for myself too but that’s very lame thing to do because I have no idea what kind of business I’d be operating in future.
I have thought of every business but the competition always seems so stiff and the market, especially in Bhutan always non-existent almost.

I know I’d not be working for others all my life because I think I am too valuable and that I should first serve myself rather than any organization and yet I have still not come up with any plans.

At first I thought I should go for media; newspaper but there are already 6 papers and now there’s hardly any market for an additional papers. And then I thought I should open a resort but then there are more hotels in town than the tourists and guests. Then there are already so many consultancy firms not doing so well here in Bhutan. Hardware shops are equally bad because Bhutanese people prefer to buy stuffs from India and abroad were things are cheaper.

I can only think of one business which is not there in Bhutan as of now. At least none that I am aware of. As a broker between house-owners and tenants. Except for few ads in ‘classified column’ I have not heard of any man operating in that area. I am not sure if we have real-state businesses in Bhutan even.

But then I am planning on business in the very faraway future so I guess I have time to come up with something new and hopefully by then I will know what kind of business I should opt for and which kind has market in here.

Or maybe I should become a BROKER and rent you apartments?


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  1. Hi,I accidently browsed through your blog and enjoy reading your entries…
    seriously sister,i think you may opt to be a real estate broker since rapid urbanisation is happening in Bhutan now,i think quite a high demand for this area unless the situation is different in Bhutan(maybe people want to trade their own or what)…
    well,i think in some perceptions,we are quite alike….like you,i will think of many consequences lol….and your latest entries(the call or not to call one)implies what happened to me last year…it made me recall back=)
    I am Kin Ying from Malaysia.Nice to meet you.Bhutan is a beautiful country which I must visit one day.CHEEERS!
    P.S:i added you in facebook=)
    Best Regards,
    Teoh Kin Ying

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