Drayang/Bar Dancer Girls

The Bhutanese outlook on the bar/drayang girls is that of prostitutes. Of course the Bhutanese society has always been full of gossips. Why can’t we just let people do what they wish to do? Is it a sin to work and earn your bread?

Maybe it’s time people understand that not everyone can be doctors and engineers in life. We need diversity in the profession. We need some to be doctors because we have patience. Likewise we need entertainers in the bars because we have customers. What’s so wrong with girls dancing in the bar as long as she’s doing something to survive?

People don’t complain when their children do nothing at home but lashes out on a poor girl who dances in the bar because she has no other alternatives. Are we such a snob that we look down upon those who struggle in life? A work is a work, be it politician or whore or driver.

There was news on BBS of the drayang girls which virtually labeled them as the whores. It said how the drayang girls where educated on HIV-AIDS, because these girls are bound to service the customers. Well there might be some girls like that for financial gain but I think that’s the case of one rotten apple spoiling the whole basket.

It’s not only the bar girls but also RAPA dancers which comes under the public scrutiny and the public eyes them with such disdain. Maybe it’s time we change our attitude against those dancers and respect them for their afford to keep themselves alive. Let’s appreciate them for their courage to pursue such career despite public disagreement.


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