Dear God: who’s God?

Dear Lord, with its all knowing, all seeing, all having ability,
is google God?
If google is only a software, what about its creators?
are Larry Page and Sergey Brin God?
If your argument is that they are human beings,
what about those 4 spiders that crawl over the world wide web?
are they God or only computer applications?

Well, my dear God, what about Mark Zuckerberg,
the inventor of facebook?
is this college kid a genius, for bringing together millions of strangers all around the world,
the person responsible for doing away with the boredom
and reduced productivity of employees in the office.
Perhaps, he’s the messenger of God,
sent from heaven to help lonely people on earth?

But if facebook and google are god,
surely Bill Gates cannot be far behind,
for inventing the Microsoft, the world is indebted to this guy.
Without windows there’s no question of technology

Just as people cannot do without food, so the entertainment,
Perhaps Angelina Jolie is Goddess?
with her beauty, talent and acting,
the world cannot do without her charms,
forget about providing homes to the homeless

But if we consider all those famous as God,
there surely would be unlimited Gods.
we’d want only one God, let that be you,
for in your hands, fall the responsibility of the world


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  1. Wow, thats a very pertinent philosophical question. God or non-God, who says it, or who made it? If one says thats real god, and heres not, then whose categorization is it? Which one is true? That would seriously lead to a so called demarcation problem?
    Anyway, I just loved going through your arguments. By the way, may be those guys who you named would be considered as wisest tools of God rather? For they know how to put gods ideas into perfect use? haha….

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