Climate Change: what’s your contribution?

Have you ever given a thought to climate change once in a while? Are you even aware of what climate change is? Or are you among the ones who think it’s not your responsibility?

Climate change, like it or not, is happening and it’s happening because of our carelessness, because of our reckless actions. We are the ones who started it and we should be the ones to stop it too.

The world at large is doing many things to stop the climate change from happening. There are talks of developed countries reducing the carbon dioxide emission by introducing electric cars. In fact, people predict that by 2020, almost all cars would be running on electricity and not on fuel.
Recently there was a conference on climate change in Maldives held under water with all people plugged into oxygen mask. There was no talk but action. That was an initiative taken by their government to create awareness of the climate change. Maldives being an island is very vulnerable country when it comes to climate change. They say, all of Maldives will go under water and will be wiped out if the level of the Indian Ocean rises two more meters. This is what I heard from people and I don’t know how authentic it is.

Well similarly, there are so many awareness campaigns and TV programs being carried out to educate people on the negative impact of the climate change. There was one program on NDTV I happened to have come across. The program is called ‘Himalayan Green Adventure’ and you will see many cyclists racing the Himalayas for nine long days. Cycle because cycle uses no fuel and hence emission free. It was a great program and I have noticed many Indian celebrities are taking active part in it. The theme of the program is called ‘Green Matters’.

The sea level is rising and the glaciers melting, crops drying all because of climate change. The rain water is no longer best for the crops because it contains impurities and chemical. Everyday tons and tons of solid waste are produced. Vehicles and industries are emitting poisonous gases and tons of industrial waste all contribute to the drastic change in the climate. I believe there’s a reason to fear climate change and every one of us, individually or collectively must do our own share.

Bhutan is not really affected by climate change as of now but it’s just a matter of time. Since there’s no sea in or around Bhutan, we have no reason to fear the rising sea level but we have our own share of Tsunami up there in the mountains. Reports say that glaciers are melting in the Himalayas at much quicker pace than they are supposed to and there’s a risk of flood in Bhutan if it does happen. Already so many people are deployed for the operation Thorthormi in the Lunana area. The giant lake threatens to burst and wash us all away and so the RGOB is taking precaution before anything dreadful happens.

We have witnessed so many irregularities in the climate already. No longer do we enjoy snowfalls in winter. Most winters are deprived of snow, and in March when we least expect, it snows. Crop yields are much low compared to the past and hence the government is encouraging organic farming.

The pace at which climate is changing is alarming. People better take this seriously instead of taking it as something which is in paper only. Let us be responsible and take it personally because when it happens it’s going to happen to you, me and every body.

I in my own little way is doing something because this mother earth is much mine as she’s yours. I always make it a point to switch off light when not required. I close the taps after using. I also make best use of papers. I do my rough work on the used papers and collect it so that I can sell if there’s any buyer here in Bhutan. During my college days, I sold about twenty kilos of used books and papers to the vendors who took those to recycle. Here, I collect beers bottles and sell it to the old man who comes by to purchase. I also collect polythene bags instead of disposing it because people say these bags takes ages to degrade if they do at all.

So I am doing my bit. Are you?


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  1. Nice to hear that you’re also like me, even I like Mother Earth and I love to do something useful for it.
    Anyway I don't think people will migrate to Electric vehicles as India we are already in short of Electricity.

  2. I am very much concerned about the global climate change. It can be only be done is rich and industrialized countries like USA, Britian, China etc take a led role in the global climate summit scheduled to take place sometime in the December 2009 at Copenhagen. Untill then lets wait and watch these countries will do not forgetting our own share to do.

    Bhutan is at the receiving end and can experience even greater magnitude of such impacts in future.
    Anyways, it is nice that you brought the issue here.

  3. walking, taking public transit, recycling, reducing the amount of paper I use, writing on the backside of used paper, minimise the amount of food i throw away, keeping the lights of when I don't need them

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