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I was going through the kuensel the other day and happened to have come across an article called “waiting to long to conceive” where many women have expressed their agony of not being able to conceive because they waited too long. Every woman aspires to be independent and successful and for that they need a career. These women who are very career oriented get no time to settle down and start a family quite late in their lives.

Every woman desires a successful career and also a happy family, but killing two birds with one stone is not an easy stuff for many. Bringing up children is no joke; woman needs to become a fulltime mother, which requires her to give up her career in some cases. It’s a choice between a career and motherhood and in the west we see most women opting for career rather than marriage and children, thereby they end up marrying late and not being able to conceive.

But either way we are at loss. Supposing you give up your career and dedicate your life to bringing up your children and cooking for your husband, then you have nothing of your own. You become dependent on your husband for everything and incase he leaves you; you will end up having nothing of our own. On the other hand, you choose career and establish yourself as a successful person. You might have a good independent life initially but eventually you will grow old all by yourself. So that way there’s an imbalance in life.

At such times we wish if we could compartmentalize our life. For instance, you allot first 20 years of your life to education, then from 20 – 30 for career and after 30 once you have established yourself as someone then you settle down, start a family. That way you are well organized and prepared to face life and challenges. This is although feasible but not practical because a woman scientifically becomes less fertile as her age advances. Once she crossed 35, her chances of conceiving are very slim. So many couples resolved to adopting, which is the second best option. But is it worth it? You work hard all your life: earn and save only to hand over everything to some children you have not mothered?

The whole thing becomes so complicated. If only we have allotted time for everything in life. If only life is more organized, then it would be much simpler. It’s all about management. It’s all about how you can manage your life. But how many women can have a great career as well as become a good mother? Not many definitely.

Well the article says now, scientists have come up with some pill called the “career pill” which, “would shutdown our ovaries during years we aren’t ready to conceive, and allow them to begin functioning again once we are ready”. Isn’t it exciting?

If this pill really comes alive then women need not worry of late marriage. There’s no need to panic because you can give birth only when you are ready and not any sooner. It’s a good news and relief to all women over the world. This pill is here to stay….


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  1. Career pill sounds strange. So many Question: are Bhutanese women ready to wait? will their parents allow the long wait? When the glow on the face is gone would they be attrative enough? Is bhutanese job as demanding as the western ones? Can a woman establish herself in 10 years with bhutanese salary?
    May be what i think contradicts yours, I am a man.

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