BoB vacancies: 100s for 10 slots

On September 22, my friend said there are about 10 vacancies in Bank of Bhutan (BoB) for the post of assistant manager and that she wanted to apply. I failed to comprehend why she wanted to be an assistant manager which is not related to her field of study. However I said I’d also try just to gain some experience but after some thinking I said why to apply for something just for namesake.

She agreed and relented to my reasoning and so we gave up this crazy idea. Well that night I was just attempted to see what it really was so I opened the BoB website and saw the vacancy there. Well that was not all because there’s a one slot vacancy for the post of network administrator too which happened to be our field. So I called my friend and said maybe it’s not a bad idea. There will be people who are competing but we should apply too. My good old friend as usual agreed to what I said so we went to apply for the post of network administrator.

There’s only one slot for that post but many applying. There’s no guarantee that I will get, or my friend for that matter but I don’t want regret later for not trying. Well I have heard of corruption in corporations when it comes to recruiting people. They always say background matters but I don’t really buy it. After all it’s for the benefit of their company and I believe no person would want to intentionally put their company’s interest at stake. Well having said that, my sister is a firm believer in the transparency in recruiting employees today. She always used to say it’s your talent and ability that counts not background.

Well we had with us one lyonpo’s niece competing for the same post. If there’s no corruption then there’s nothing to fear. I don’t think any lyonpo will interfere in the trifle matter as such. Let’s just wait and watch. Only time will tell.

That time was only submitting applications. If one is short listed, I believe one will be called for the interview. Some say the interview is going to be held in Phuentsholing but it’s not confirmed yet.


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