Bhutanese film fraternity

Why is our Bhutanese movie industry not doing well in the country? Is it because there’s no audience in here? And why are we not taking interest in the Bhutanese movies? If the audience doesn’t like our movies then there’s something wrong with our movies.

I personally don’t take to the Bhutanese movies. I believe our Bhutanese actors are not natural. They are faking everything from dialogue to acting. And we lack the required technology. The story line is always monotonous sad love story with happy endings.

Though we have moved from the B&W Gasa Lamai Singye, there’s still room for improvement. Maybe the producers and directors should be less biased and work with professional actors than those of relatives and mistresses.

And why does our Bhutanese movie have songs and dances in it just like the Hindi movies? It’s not likely that people dance in reality every often. We see couples dancing when they are sad or happy, which of course is not the case in the real life.

Bhutanese movies are never made into DVDs and CDs. The producers just screen the movies in the Theatres on important occasions and stops there. The same movie comes next year on the same occasions like Thimphu Tsechu, Dromchoe etc. Are those people waiting for the audience they missed last year?

If only we have Bhutanese Film industry and professional actors, things could be different. We need actors who are involved solely in acting and not government or corporate employees who takes up acting as a part-time job.


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