Bhutan: How secure are we?

Bhutan is a landlocked country sandwiched between the two Asian giants viz. India and China. These two giants are not partners, but competitors in the region. Bhutan has never been colonized before and as a result Bhutanese people have taken this security issue very lightly but the recent controversy where China has laid a claim on Arunachal Pradesh has created a fear in the minds of all Bhutanese citizens.

If China can claim Arunachal Pradesh which already belongs to India then I don’t think she will hesitate when the matter concerns Bhutan. Although I have a strong faith in the deities of Bhutan (Yeshey Gyembo and Palden Lhamo), but I can’t help worrying about our security. It’s something to be thought about and all the Bhutanese must be aware of what’s happening with the neighbors because what they decide is going to impact us as well.

Our local deities have protected and defended us before too. It’s with their help Bhutan won the Duar wars against British India and prevented Bhutan being a colony of the British. It was with their blessing and help that Bhutan defeated its non-state actors in 2003. I just hope they will prove their power with our neighbors this time too if anything happened.

The great wars and the cold wars have spared Bhutan unlike its neighbors like the Tibetans and Mongols in the North and the British India in the south. Hallula! To the protectors of Bhutan! It’s with their help that Bhutan was able to sustain its sovereignty and independence.

Recently I read an article on Japan Times written by an Indian. There he said, Bhutan is just a pawn in the game of India and China. With New Delhi and Beijing eyeing Bhutan constantly over who should take Bhutan, it’s in a confused state. Well it’s too humiliating to read such article about Bhutan. He had no right to talk about Bhutan as if it’s nothing. Such newspaper and reporters need to be sued. I just wish our country would do something against false story as such.

I hope Bhutan’s security is not endangered. I hope there’s no dispute between India and China. I hope such rumors or controversy be rubbished. I hope it’s not true especially about Bhutan.


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  1. Indeed, everyone as a Bhutanese has a reason to feel insecure especially when Bhutan is sharing ‘border disputes’ with imperialist China. Let’s keep our fingers-crossed. Hope nothing happens to our Mother Land-our DrukYul. Every Bhutanese soul is infested with prayers; thus, definitely our ‘choechongsungmas’, ‘chap dang Goens’ are with us. They will never deprive us. Any externalities will be thrashed out of our Country. That is our strength!


  2. I hope there’s no dispute between India and China, if something happens like that then the first country to be attacked by both of them will be Bhutan, As it will be a advantage to attack from mountains I don’t think India will harm Bhutan by any means in fact India and Bhutan relationship is really strong then compared to China and Bhutan

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