Being an Egg Dealer

My sister has 24 hens back at home in Paro. A small poultry farm, if I dare say so. The hens are beautifully red and big and the poultry is immaculately kept, spacious and cozy.

In our locality, there are so many farmers raising hens since the bird flu spread over southern Bhutan and egg prices rose like hell, that eggs won’t fetch much amount now. So one day my sister asked me if could find buyers in Thimphu. That was about a month ago, since then I’ve sold more than 50 dozen eggs at Nu. 100 per dozen. Being an egg dealer is my first business venture. Although I get absolutely no profit or no commission from selling eggs, somehow it feels good to be doing something for my sister. I haven’t been able to help my sister financially because my monthly salary is hardly sufficient for myself and my livelihood but this egg business gives me an immense pleasure to be helping my sister and also to make myself useful.

Couple of years ago I’d be ashamed of selling eggs but now, trust me, I feel proud to have something to sell. I guess I can only credit this feeling to maturity. Adulthood is great; it acknowledges the truth of reality. Well before I divert from the mainstream, I’d once again I am a full fledged business woman now (this may sound little exaggerated, sorry).

At my place here, my brother-in-law, brother and nephew are always mad at me because I won’t let them have even one egg without paying. Though I am fond of eggs myself, I always let my brother-in-law buy eggs from me, for our own use. So they’d be kind of happy when occasionally some eggs are broken on the way from Paro, because then I couldn’t sell but forced to have them for ourselves.
I call up my relatives, friends and acquaintances if they want to buy and always make it a point to collect the payments on time. From all these experiences, I now believe I’m a ruthless business woman and loving it

Well, my next business venture; I’m thinking of buying few shares of Druk PNB but nothing is confirmed yet. Though I believe investment is the best business, I can’t help but be little skeptical about it. That’s all I can say for now.


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