Bad omen: what’s in store for me?

Rolling dice(s) in a sacred temple (commonly called ‘sho zhu ni’), is a Bhutanese way of predicting the future. People do that often to see the outcome of the future deeds. Mostly odd numbers is a good sign; means you need to go ahead with the decision. If you get even numbers, it means bad omen so people mostly abort the plan to be carried out in the future. Sho (dice), they say is god’s way of communicating with the people because they can’t come to the people in their own form.

Well my mother and sister are firm believer in the ‘sho’ thing. They always roll the dice to predict the future. If they get even numbers they do ‘remdos’ (puja) to drive away the evil spirits. My mother’s nature of being so pious has some impact on me because I also became little partial to the sho.

Trust me, it’s not good. It has a negative aspect of its own. I have few incidents to justify what I have said. Well this year, since I am opting for the civil service exams (RCSC), everywhere I go I do ‘sho zhu ni’ to predict if I can get through it but in vain. This RCSC exam has been a trauma on my mind ever since I got my self admitted as a BCA student in Bangalore.

Well last June, as soon as I returned home, I went to visit a temple in my native (called ‘Jana Gompa’), which happened to be our family’s ‘ki lha’ (god of birth). Well along with my brother I went there. Upon reaching, we offered butter lamps and other things and then I rolled the dices for the purpose of my RCSC exams. I got number ten even after three times rolling, which I have already mentioned is a bad omen; a thing that tells me that there’s no use for me to attempt RCSC because it serves no purpose; I am not going to make up or get through. Ever since that incident, I always felt a little restless and my mind is disturbed. I have been thinking since then, maybe I should just forget the whole idea of even attempting RCSC, because I have heard it from god. He’s come in the form of two dices to tell me not to go ahead with the exams. Well my mind’s still not made up on the decision.

And ‘adding fuel to the fire’, I got even number (twelve) from Dechenphug temple, yesterday too even after three attempts. I should not have rolled the dices if it’s going to have a negative impact on my mind. Now there’s no hope of ever passing the exams and getting employed as a civil servant. My mind is sensitized negatively and how much ever I try I can’t think positive. I wish I knew if this whole thing is true regarding the RCSC exams. Either I am not going to make it or a great evil is going to befall upon me. I am not sure which but either is not a good option. I guess I am in shortage of luck; if that’s the case I need to inform my folks at home to perform some pujas on my ‘lo’ (Bhutanese zodiac sign).


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