At Lingkana Palace

I didn’t write about the graduates’ audience with His Majesty the Druk Gyalpo because I thought I wouldn’t be able to do justice to what HM has said and done for us but a friend of mine keeps asking me what HM said to us and so I am obliged to write something on the experience.

Well on the morning of September 22, we gathered at the centenary farmer’s market. From there at around 10:00 hours we walked to the Lingkana palace after the royal summon. There we were seated in many tents in groups along with so many top government officials viz. lyonpos (ex), government secretaries, corporate and private sector heads, etc. HM arrived a little later. HM was groomed in Pangtsi gho without kabney which symbolized of the meeting being informal. HM first talked to the officials lined up to receive the royal entourage.

Afterwards he visited our tent first because ours was the first tent in the line. I wanted so much to see his face properly because it was my first time ever seeing him but the power he has is so much that my eyes wouldn’t go beyond his neck. His majesty was being very friendly and informal with us. I felt so complete listening to our beloved king.

Well after few minutes, he left for the other tents but he promised to come back to us again. We had two ministers ( ex-lyonpo Chenkhap Dorji and deputy minister – Nado Rinchen, chairman NEC), and Home secretary exclusive to our tent the whole day. Their Excellencies and Dasho were very interactive with us asking questions ranging from our names to college to GNH and climate change in Bhutan, each asking questions and clarifying doubts on their respective areas.

Later we had in our tent officials like brigader Batu Tshering, police chief Kipchu Tshering, Health secretary dasho Dr. Gado Tshering etc. every ten minutes there were different course of snacks and drinks being served. I felt so heavy and thought I wouldn’t be able to get up from my chair. In the meantime, HM came for the second round of the visit and then third. It was on his third round when he thought we had stayed long and should get going so we broke up into groups of about 15 – 20 people and had a photo session upon the royal command.

HM said, “Life is a marathon and you have a long way to go but be careful on the way. Every decision you take every day is going to have a lasting impact on your life”

The day was a wonderful experience. I got to see HM and the beautiful ashi Chimi Yangzom, ashi sonam Dechen, ashi Dechen Yangzom and Dasho Jigyel. The ashis looked like goddesses, so frail and so soft spoken.


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