Am I really lucky with interviews?

I have seen people complaining about the lack of job availability in Bhutan, but what we are not aware of is going prepared for the interviews.

I think the case is not really with the shortage of jobs. It’s just that people are not competent enough. Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. Competition is expected. I can’t expect myself to be the only person in the interview because the guy-next-to-me needs the job as much as I do.

The only thing to crack interviews is to keep yourself updated on the current affairs, general knowledge and almost everything that ever happened. It’s also important that you keep revising your subjects. In nutshell never stop studying!

My first interview in Bhutan was after diploma. I was interviewed for BNBL and I got the post. After I resigned and went to pursue degree, I had no reason to undergo any interviews for the next 3 years.

So my second interview was after completion of my degree three years later, was for BoB (Bank of Bhutan), just before the RCSC exams.
I got selected in the top 5 among the 52 candidates that sat for written test. After VIVA though I couldn’t make it I got the second place and unfortunately they had only one vacancy. Anyways all’s well that ends well.

My third interview was RCSC but the result took too long in coming that I felt so restless and I had to do something. So my fourth interview was once again for BNBL. Despite many people’s protest that I cannot apply there again, I went ahead with my instinct which said otherwise. I got short listed in the top 7 among the hundreds those who applied there. After VIVA, I got selected for the only post of system administrator.

Just then, BBS interview was announced on the evening news. I went for the written test only to experience something different from the IT interviews. So instead of archieve officer (which required IT knowledge), I appeared for the post of producer. To my utter disappointment the post was for radio and not for TV as I have hoped.

Well BBS informed us that the written test result is going to take sometime in coming. But of course for me, there was no hurry at all. I just used the whole procedure as guinea pig.

Then on 24th December RCSC result was declared there and I got through. Although only 6 vacancies were announced for 122 IT–3 years Technical graduates, I still could get the third best option since I secured the 3rd position.

Just after RCSC results BBS interview results were announced and I got short listed for the post of producer, current affairs (English). I was quite surprised because I never thought I could do any interview apart from the IT interviews.
That was the only 5 interviews I ever attended in my life till now and I am glad that I could do well in all those interviews. Well I think it’s time I stop underestimating my abilities and start believing in myself that I am no less than others.


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  1. hello

    pel its rele a delight reading ur articles and i am proud to say that just like a morning sun progress on its path frm the time it rises , you have been keeping to ur high standards and have been always been able to stand upto ur friends and wellwishers expectations so keep rocking and i pray to almighty to give u that spirit like u will be saying to urself that ” The woods are lovely dark and deep but i have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep and miles to go before I sleep” so here i end and request u to keep blogging till he end

    wish u all success in your endeveours tc

  2. Thanks to god… You finally realised that
    I know that you are always good in everything you do and you are to interactive and bold enof to speak anything,anytime,anywere in the crowed. You always underestimate saying Nothing i can do OR till i did'nt achive anything in LIFE. Well now you can't tell that as you have achived so may thing in your life, I hopethis is not the last thing you achive in life just keep moving as high as possible

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