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  • I always fight with my kid brother and ends up in tears. Somehow we are worse-than-enemy siblings; can’t stand the sight of each other but I still miss him when he’s not with me and still love him as any other sister could.
  • A newly recruited employee of my office was killed in an accident on her way to her actual placement. All of her 15 plus years of studying and 1 month of job training is wasted. What a terrible loss?
  • There are so many unemployed graduates in the country as there are job vacancies but all those vacancies are for “in-service” candidates. Now, how’d government reduce unemployment problem in the country by offering jobs to those people who already have one and let the unemployed youths vegetate? What a crap!
  • Traffic police supposed to be patrolling the streets at night are teasing girls walking alone at night instead of controlling the rowdy guys. If the law men act like that, what can we expect of others? Is justice gone astray? 
  • Facebook is a big distraction for every office goers (including me). If the company/organization/government wants some productivity from their employees, they’d better ban it or block the site during office hours. I have noticed the first thing people do in the office is to open their facebook page.
  • Why do we always remember god in times of need and forget him afterwards? I was praying like hell, visiting temples before my interview and RCSC exams but I don’t do it anymore. Somehow I can’t bring myself to do anything superstitious now.


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  1. My company blocked Facebook for a while. It didn't make us more productive, just frustrated and distracted. Plus we spent just as much time looking for proxies and backdoor ways in to Facebook. Eventually, the site was unblocked.

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