Agony of Valentine’s Day

For the last 3 consecutive years, in Bangalore, I have received the same message (sms) on the eve on the Valentine’s Day:

“For those who are single on the Valentine’s Day, happy independence day”

This constant reminder of my single status really got on my nerves so last Valentine I vowed not to remain single on the next. One year has passed without my notice and here I am as single as before. Couple of years ago I used to think there’s more to life than having men around all the time but this childish perception of mine had to change with changing times. Today you’d be considered a gay if people do not find you dating an opposite sex frequently.

Girls my age have kids going to school and I am still deceiving myself with the idea that I am too young to settle down in life. I didn’t get time to hunt for Mr. Right and can’t compromise with Mr. Wrongs, which left me where I was 5 years ago, a single woman and probably a confirmed spinster all my life. Perhaps I am being too skeptical of those guys I have met till now or maybe I haven’t met the guy I like to spend the rest of my life with.
But then I never had any problem with my marital status, not on any other day except the Valentine’s. This day reminds me of the romantic love that I lack and makes me want to creep into a hole. More over living in the heart of the city is like rubbing salt to a wound because you get to hear all the lovers’ conversation from outside, when you are trying to shut off the couple’s talk and sleep off that day so that you can wake up to a normal day.

This year I changed my tactics though, I have decided to visit a temple instead of being lonely on the fateful day. Fortunately the day coincides with Losar (Bhutanese New Year or Tibetan is it?), so I get to run away from the buzzing city. After all what could be a better hide out than my quite village and who could be a better company than the almighty himself?

So this plan of mine, if it gets executed sounds like a perfect one. It may seem pretty weird but then it’s better to spend a day with god instead of a bunch of girls locked up in hostel like the previous years.
I just wish this day comes once in 100 years so that I won’t be here on the earth to witness this stupid day at all.


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  1. valentine day's everyyear should not be day which u should loath , who knows after few days someone might come in suddently in ur life and change the life for ever and u would wait for the valentine day to come everymonth rather than it coming after every twelve month… anyways its nice to spend time in spiritual pursuits on that day

  2. hey its so sad to know that u are still spinster. You are so cruel. Look at yourself now. DO u think u are so alone still? Where do I landup now!!!Seems like u dont value me.You are not alone.. U have me there.
    Anyway nice choice. maybe i need to follow u too to temple.
    Takecare and have a grtday

  3. Nice. But you could at least have wished others a Happy Valentine's Day because they are probably having a better time 😛

    Well, I think you have time, so shudn't worry much. Only I have heard that once a woman crosses the age of 30 then the probability of her getting hit by a lightning is more than finding a husband. Quite a rude saying, but I think it is true.

    Anyway, lets hope you will have a different story to tell next year. Meanwhile, happy independence day and Happy Losar too 🙂

  4. Just dropping by to let you know that i have been excessively reading your blog. I like the articles you write, whether on personal font or otherwise.

    They are all 'my type'. I am here to keep reading your blog. You have the gut to write and leave reading for me…..Happy Writing.

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