Aftermath earthquake and the Blessed Rainy Day

I promised to write an article on the earthquake experience yesterday if I was still alive now the readers must be assuming me dead since I couldn’t do the justice last night because I came very tired from my native.

A very funny incident happened post the article “6.3 magnitude hits Bhutan”. Last night the supposed earthquake was to happen at 2:00 am. I stayed awake till 1:45 am and then I slept. So if it happened at all we’d all dead by now but fortunately it didn’t and here I am all in flesh and blood. Well that’s all for the earthquake experience and it wasn’t a earth shattering experience at all and I am glad for that.

Well yesterday was Blessed rainy day and I suppose I had one of the best ‘Thrue’ in a couple of years. We (my folks) in Thimphu and I went to our native (Paro) because we were summoned by our folks there. It was a grand thrue. So many neighbors stopped by to have chat. The dishes were not so bad. But we had to come back in the evening because my kid brother has school today, my elder brother, office and I to His Majesty’s audience. Well that was it and I should say it was a memorable Thrue..


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