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Dear blog
i know i haven’t been in touch with you for a long time now but trust me i have been really busy with life. These past weeks have been crazy times of my life not that i blame time but I was starting a new phase so can’t really blame anyone.
well basically life’s been oscillating between home and office. working, running here and there, doing favors for friends and acquaintances and long hours in office makes my day but in the end what matters is how much you learned that day, how useful that day has been to you, isn’t it?
on the whole I’m happy with the end result of my “Day Planner”. All my “to do” lists were ticked and I’m glad for that. Life’s busy but quite fulfilling

Watching Druk Star on saturday afternoons, having dinner in office, waking up at mid-day on sundays were some on my outrageous weekend activities. Besides those i look forward to sundays all week because that’s the only day I get to sleep late.
Well well well I don’t have time to write more. Gotta work on that new blog i am designing in wordpress with xampp database but I got to tell you this; it’s going to be different from the previous one. This new one mainly focuses on IT stuff, something I should have done before only. Just wait and watch. deal?
Yours Payday


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  1. hammm…. Your are really a busy I don't no whats happening to me days are really passing very quickly and I feel that I didn't do anything today …Nice to hear from you after so long time.

  2. thankgod that you are back. I thought you left blogging. Nice to see you and happy to hear that you are coming up with new blog targetted for IT. Wish you best of luck and waiting to see the blog soon

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