6.3 magnitude earthquake hits Bhutan

Kuensel reported of three deaths as a result of 6.3 magnitude earthquake that hit Bhutan earlier today. BBS reported the time to be 2:53 pm. That time we at the NGOP were busy, some singing on the stage and the others applauding. Nobody knew of the earthquake I am sure because nobody talked about it there. We didn’t feel anything there but people outside the Nazhoen Pelri hall, youth village are alarmed of this earthquake. I am happy that I wasn’t aware of it because there’s no point of panicking in something that’s natural.

Well it’s 12:40 am now (Blessed rainy day today). my folks in Paro have called for the zillionth time now. There are all worried about us in Thimphu. I was informed that they are staying outside till 2 – 3 am when the quake is supposed to recede. Well my sister informed me that there are many people in Thimphu who has gone to pray and be out at the Jigme Dorji Wangchuck memorial chorten (JDWMC). I panicked a little and went out on the bacony to see if it’s true. Well outside the streets are deserted except few cars passing by but when I looked at the parking space I found a lone car which happened to by my bro-in-law’s. Where are all the cars parked here earlier this evening because I am sure I saw many cars parked there? May be my sister was right. All people in Thimphu must be at the JDWMC praying.

My bro-in-law said maybe ashim was right, we need to really go the chorten like the others did but I convinced him that maybe it’s not required. Maybe we should leave the house by 1:30 am if the supposed quake is going to happen at 2 – 3 am that will give us ample time to get out of the house and drive to the chorten and join the others in prayers.

What will happen to us now? Are we going to be killed in a couple of hours? There’s no answer to that as of now. Only time will tell. If I am still alive tomorrow I am definitely going to write an article on the experience. So assume me dead if I didn’t write any thing on this experience..hahah…


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