Un-Happyness is being sick

Only in times of sickness we are truly grateful for the robust health (by the way, the little syntax error with “happiness” is intentional). I am prone to seasonal flu I used to get it four times a year but ever since I landed in Australia I hardly get it. This time is an exception, I was developing few signs of flu and I fueled it by dusting the 24-hr lab at work; nobody told me to do so, there wasn’t much to do on Sunday so I took it up voluntarily. Moreover, about the same time I also fiddled with my ear (tried to clean it with a match stick), now I am not sure which is worse; my left-ear infection or my flu.

I went to see a GP (General Practitioner) last Monday, he prescribed me some antibiotics but that is not doing its trick. My husband came home after working ten hours in a refrigerator to a trash site, while I was sleeping my toddler messed up the house, he gradually cleaned the house, fed our son and got me some panadols and water. I took 2 panadols with water and went back to sleep. He took a day off from work the next day, I surrendered my shift the next day and the next-next day. Now I am bogged down with the guilt of not working and pending assessments from week 1-3. This sickness isn’t going away and I am feeling terrible for falling behind with studies and not giving enough time and care to my son. Since I am always in bed and grumpy, he has been going to the childcare everyday.

I haven’t been eating well too, I can’t bring my upper and lower jaw together without cringing in pain. Damn teeth, why does it have to share a nerve with the ear? Anyways I am going to do a research project on using ‘Social media for small businesses in Bhutan’ and I was really looking forward to because I am a social media fiend and I feel passionate about doing it but I had to pause everything in life except being sick. I hate it and I can’t wait to get back to my feet and get my life in order. So here is to life 😀


Thanks to social media, I informed by sisters of my sickness on wechat on our siblings-group and my eldest sister again through wechat has asked an Astrologer about my condition. This may sound a little rustic or medieval but I am a firm believer in the evil spirits and superstitions. It seems my flu may have been caused by something I had eaten and hadn’t felt good about it. It is true, last week my shift extended to night and I had to buy some dinner. I could find nothing appetizing so settled on these 3 rolls of sushi. The potato sushi is so uncommon plus cheap; I only had 1 from the pack and I felt sick immediately afterwards. I remember tweeting about it; cheap is not always the best!



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