Spent my ‘National Day’ in the Coal Mines

Unusual as it sounds I have spent Bhutan’s 104thNational Day in the coal mines along with the truck drivers and laborers. The road to the mines was sheer nightmare; rough, bumpy and narrow.  Literally speaking, it was a roller-coaster ride.
Some 5 kms from Deothang, the SD Eastern Bhutan Coal mines stood. Acres of forest have scraped of its trees but it looks beautiful. I have always wanted to pay a visit after seeing the picture of the mines from a past Kuensel’s edition.

I meant to take my camera but the battery was dead before I could take one photo. As a result I had to resolve to using a friend’s mobile camera. I have spent the entire duration there taking pictures of the beautiful landscape but due to my poor photography skills I could not do justice to the mines. Some of the pictures I have uploaded to the sliding images on my blog.

The return journey wasn’t as scary also we did not meet so many trucks on the way. After spending sometime in Deothang we returned to Samdrup jongkhar. It was 3 pm in the afternoon.

Rest of the day was spent in watching BBS TV. With tears in my eyes, I have watched 4 times His Majesty’s National Day speech. The heartwarming words have renewed my sense of patriotism and love for our kings. Long live our kings and happy belated National Day.


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