First snow fall and disappointment

It is true expectations lead to disappointment. I’ve learned my lessons early not to expect a lot from people be it family, friends or other people. 
However, against my better judgment, I’ve expected a lot from the climate. Can you believe it, when I couldn’t trust people how could I possibly trust the climate or weather, whatever you prefer to call it? Well the past couple of weeks have been exhausting even on the weekends. So I was really looking forward to this snow fall and the holiday following it.
The weather turned chilly, there was no sign of sun in the sky and the fog engulfed it all. My mood started soaring; the day I have been waiting for isn’t far away. Well we were all sure it’d snow on January 18, but it didn’t. But so what, the weather is still pretty much the same, one day couldn’t have made any difference.
That night I slept very late, it was 2 AM in the morning when I finally dozed off. I was sure it was going to snow the next morning. I had planned to stay all day in bed to give rest to my exhausted body and strained eyes. I set my alarm at 8 AM and slept that night peacefully. The next morning as soon as the alarm went off, my first instinct was to peep outside expecting to see layers of snow but to my utter disappointment, the streets are dry as hay.
Totally pissed at the climate, I closed my eyes for a while. When I finally got up to get ready, I was already late for office. Not only me, I have encountered many colleagues yesterday who experienced similar situations. For instance, some didn’t get breakfast, some couldn’t pack their lunch boxes, and some were late for office. All because of the damn snow that refused to come down on us.
The weather condition wasn’t any better last night. I should have known better than to expect but poor me, I was still expecting the impossible last night too. I was hoping for the snow fall, so I again stayed up late, checking constantly on the snow. As the hours drifted by there was very little snow. Whatever fell on the ground was soon absorbed by the ground. I lost all hopes of snow and went to bed. Morning I drew the curtains apart to gaze outside only to find there was no snow again. 
When I reached office, it was announced on BBS that today would be holiday on the occasion of Thimphu’s first snow fall. Though there’s hardly any snow visible outside, a holiday is what everyone was craving for. I was about to leave the office for some relaxation when my supervisor stopped me. Well somebody had to remain in office for support and unfortunately it was to be me because everybody else had already left. And so I landed up spending the entire day in office.
For all it’s worth, there’s only 24 hours in a day.


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  1. Wow….nice article. Will you be compensated for that day since it was reportedly declared a holiday. Else it won't be fair for you having to work when eventually the actual moment you had been long wishing for came. haha…..

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