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Of late I have done some soul searching and the result of the self-reflection is something I loathed. I have become egocentric, selfish, mean, and judging. They say ‘Change is the only constant in life’ and so before it’s too late, I mean to change my behavior and thoughts, hopefully for the betterment of myself. Hence I mean to practice the following self resolutions at the workplace, I shall call them ‘my mantras’ and these will/must not deviate much from my self principles.

1. I shall strive to talk less and work more.

2. I shall not judge anyone, I am not perfect, and hence I have no right to criticize others.

3. I shall strive to gossip less. The other person may be having a bad day; it’s unkind to make the matters worse.

4. I shall not practice ‘double standards’; if I don’t like a person, I will not pretend and act as if nothing is amiss in the presence of that person.

5. I shall not underestimate/insult anyone – my little knowledge doesn’t make me superior to anyone. I shall not try to define any person’s intellectual capability with his/her knowledge at work. That’s presumptuous and knowledge, after all, is relative and of course subjective.

6. I shall be kind and avoid prejudices at work.

7. I shall not let ego in the way of knowledge; I shall learn from my seniors and juniors alike.

8. I shall stay clear of sarcasm. (Sarcasm is the language some are fluent in but I cannot comprehend, mostly)

9. I shall try to appreciate others and their talents (even if it’s CMS) and laud them whenever possible.

10. I shall be patience with friends and colleagues

11. I shall not presume to know others’ reasons, actions, and justifications

12. I shall accept others as they are about not expecting them to change according to my likes and dislikes.

13. I shall not call anyone miser or spendthrift based on their spending; everyone has different financial capacity after all.

14. Most importantly, I shall always remain POSITIVE and try to have energy, enthusiasm, and vibrancy.

There are some bad days and I may not be in the mood but I shall always remember these 10 clauses of self principles at work. I want my friends to remind me, if I am caught breaching any of the clauses, then and there.

P.s This post was shared on Facebook, a couple of months ago, only visible to the selected audience but my friend @StarLhaki thought it’s funny and I should share it with everyone. Since my sister @TD mentioned I should blog more frequently, I thought why not post this while I work on something.


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