Couple of Stories

Ram may be a wealthy man, a man of power but he lacks the basic ingredients of live; love. At 43, Ram’s never been married. Thanks to his step-mom, who did not want to see him happily wedded? Though Ram has always considered him as his own mom and showered her with love and care the feeling wasn’t reciprocated.  And hence Ram wasted good many years of his life without love. Now there was no hope for the poor rich guy.
Ram may not have been the best looking man or he might have quick temper but he was a good human being. Fortunately for him, he had the best friend and business associate that had his best interest at heart. The search for a potential bride for Ram who loves him and not his money has so far proved futile and so life went on.
Priya is a middle class woman in her thirties who’s been looking after the welfare of her family all her life and it skipped her mind to look after herself. She gets along with her father, a simple and humble man. Together they make a good pair. 
However, her mother is a total contradiction, though obese she likes to think she’s stylish and fashionable. A middle-aged woman and a mother of three children she’s a real gold digger. It’s of no use blaming the mother because she only wants her children not endure the same fate she had for herself.
Priya’s siblings are the handsome younger brother and the pretty model-like sister. Nobody knows as to why Priya couldn’t share her brother’s lean feature or her sister’s angelic face. Nor did her father doubt her mother’s fidelity. The only person blaming her is her mother for not having secured a husband by now. The brother’s marriage had to be on hold because he refused to get married before his elder sister does.
Ram and Priya may not admit to themselves that there’s something brewing but to the onlookers they make a striking pair. For instance, the lady in the lift once compliments how good they look together. For now, we’ll leave them to their feelings and let them realize they are truly a match made in heaven.
This reminds me of another love story, of Dagay and Lemo’s. Well Dagay is this normal working guy who screwed up his studies and landed a small job in the remotest part of Bhutan. His meeting Lemo was no coincidence neither fated but case of lost bachelor wanting to have a normal life. The first few months might have gone well but troubles started when the initial excitement worn out.
Today five years and two children later, the couple couldn’t remember why they got married in the first place.  Things turned ugly when jealous Lemo keeps tab of the carefree Dagay. Public humiliation is one thing that Dagay had to endure on most occasions. On one occasion, Lemo scolded her husband badly which affected Dagay’s respectable public reputations.
Dagay may be a huge and heavy-set man but his size is in contrast to his say at home. Dagay has to do the basic chores of cooking and dropping his children to school. Lemo, on the other hand, takes pride in her control over her husband. In her doing so it did not occur to her what her husband might be going through, the weight of torment that could cost her marriage.
However, Dagay, the good old gentleman did not mind his wife’s tortures and continued living. He considered her  nagging as his duty and responsibilities. To these days, Lemo hasn’t improved a bit and someday it’d be too late to mend the fences.
Perhaps somebody got to tell her to check her wrinkled face in the mirror once in a while.


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