Camping of the Year

This year’s camping was perfectly preplanned. We had long discussions about the timing and the menu and in the end everything went according to our plan. It was last weekend we some 40 of us decided to take a break from hectic work and venture out into the wild. It was truly an adventure and we had loads of fun.
We divided ourselves into 2 batches; morning and evening batches. The morning batch went to the camping spot early Saturday morning to pitch the tents and do other preparations and others stayed behind in office to provide support for the non-technical employees of our organization. The real fun started when I was caught by traffic police for over-speeding. No amount of pleading with them had any outcome. Police officials claimed that I was driving at 72 Km/hr and I was fined for infringement of traffic rules. I was then issued a yellow slip and they ceased all my documents.
However, that encounter didn’t stop me from having fun. I had a marvelous time at the camp site. Well when we reached the spot it was perfect for camping and picnic. The place has water source and electricity too. Firewood was fetched by one local man and we paid him. So basically we had no problem whatsoever.
With huge budget under our belt we had so many choices in the menu. Dinner wasn’t a grand festive because people were more interested in wine and dancing. Hard drinks, wine, brandy and juice were in abundance and there were so many half-empty wine bottles lying around the picnic spot.  Dancing after drinks was outrageously interesting. Even the simplest of simple guys were shaking their bodies to the tune of music. There were only few of us who did not drink and I was one of them initially. However, I found not boozing very dull and boring so I made a bucket of punch to get myself and others drunk. That really got into me and I was flat for the rest of the evening.
Morning found us all dull and back-to-ourselves. Few guys were having hang-over of the night and grumpy and by themselves. Few of us did the cooking and others washed their cars. Lunch with countless menus was mostly wasted. Few girls gave lots of cooked-meat to stray dogs. After lunch we wrapped up the party, most were in hurry to leave for home and some were having tough time with hangover.
The IT&FCU camping was fun. The only obstacle was a guy bumped his car on a tree trunk and my little brush up with the traffic police. Though the hang-over from the camping still persist and throbbing head pain won’t go away, I’d relive the moment if I had to.


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