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Adjusting back to Thimphu

It’s been a year I’ve been away from the buzz of the city and things have changed a lot in the capital. No longer can one cross a street without getting bumped by some car and driving in this city is a sheer nightmare. It’s not enough that you are a good driver because there are hundred reckless drivers in town. Cars come onto you from every nook and corner without following any traffic rule. In such town, I prefer coming to office early morning and not moving from the parking lot all day long.
I haven’t visited the famous Sheare Square mall yet nor Shoppers Stop. In fact I haven’t done any shopping yet. I’m still sleeping walking, missing the peace and tranquility and friendly people of Samdrup Jongkhar. Being a country girl likes it in the country side.
I have everything here; my folks are only an hour away in Paro.  Yet there seems to be something missing in this place despite everything. In S/jongkhar I never had to go anywhere because I didn’t have any work outside the office and here even lunch breaks cannot be spared. One is always kept busy here.
The other day I had an awful encounter with the traffic police for breaching the traffic rules. I did not give way to the vehicle already in the round-about. After that incident the mere sight of any police gives me goose-bumps. I have to be somewhere else in Bhutan but Thimphu.
These days I am house-hunting in Thimphu; from Bebessa to Taba there’s no place that I haven’t visited but there’s no house that suits my need and income group. Those few vacant houses are either to far or too expensive. Ads say ‘fully furnished house for rent @Nu. 25,000 per month.

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  1. Welcome back to Thimphu and to blogging too Ganzin! Yes Thimphu has become too crowded now and to think about getting a decent flat within your income is a total nightmare. I want to move out of Thimphu so badly.Good luck for the house hunting 🙂

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