A Talk Show Host: To become or not to become?

As a kid we all wanted to become so many things but by choice or under compulsion many of us do not get to become what we wanted to become when we grow up. In a small country like Bhutan where population is less, opportunities are few.

A footballer in England has a celebrity status and earns millions of Dollars so does Sachin Tendulkar by cricket in India, earning crores of Rupees. The same cannot be said for Bhutanese people. In Bhutan, a footballer cannot choose football as his career because that’s not enough to earn his living. A Bhutanese footballer at the most can play at the national level, as soon as he goes out of the country, he loses the very first match to the opponent and returns home empty handed.

Although the Bhutanese small society has always been an advantage to its people but sometimes I can’t help but wish for a bigger country, more people and varied opportunities. The disadvantage of having small society is that there’s no audience and opportunities are restricted. Here in Bhutan people just prefer to stay in the ‘comfort zone’ by opting for the civil service because it’s safe and pays your bills at the end of the month either you work or don’t, leaving aside your hobbies and passion as past-time stuffs irrespective of your talent.

Every one of us wants to become famous and to crave our name in the society. I’d very much like to become a singer, but I have no good voice. Then I wanted to become an actor but I have neither looks nor the talent. So the other day I was thinking what would I have to do to make my existence known to others?

Finally I have figured out what I’d want to become in my life eventually; I could become a Talk Show Host. I was thinking it wouldn’t have to be as big as ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’ neither as cheesy as ‘Coffee with Karan’ but it can have it own identity. With this thought in my mind, I logged in to my facebook account, created an application titled “The Ganzin Talk Show”, uploaded my logo but I couldn’t come up with a caption. I thought it should be something catchy so I thought would ‘Speak out your mind’ do? But that sounded like cliché, used often before. After debating arduously with myself I gave up and logged out of the facebook.

That night as I went to bed, I was thinking about that day and suddenly I was scared. Was I crazy to even think such thing? A Talk show host? For God’s sake, what’d I even talk about? Who could even come to my show? I’m not a famous face in town; nobody would even bother to watch. With hardly any audience, BBS would never consent to broadcast it. I was insane to even consider risking my career to give in to passion. I could never do this, at least not yet. With that emotional turmoil playing around in my mind, it was impossible to sleep. Then I rubbished away the thought and tried to think like a matured, wise woman. When I finally dozed off, towards the dawn, I’ve promised myself never to consider mixing my hobbies and passion with real stuffs.

I’ve kept that promise and never thought of it until I typed it here, at this moment…..


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