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Pezu’s Learning Journey

Since attending ‘Stepping Stones’ Daycare, Pezu’s learned quite a lot. He’s learned to write some English alphabets, can recite all 26 though and 1-11 letters. He’s also quite fond of drawing cars and shapes. For a mother there’s no joy greater than seeing your child grow; physically and mentally. I’m so proud of my son. […]

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Kuch toh log kahenge (KTLK) — Hindi Soap

KTLK is an Indian TV soap starring Mohnish Bahl and Kritika Kamra. It is a love story about two doctors who are divided by age, generation, beliefs and their outlook towards life. The story begins when Dr. Nidhi (Kritika Kamra) starts internship at the hospital where Dr. Ashutosh (MB) is working (Dr. Kotinis General Hospital). […]

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Reviewing the Rupee crunch situation

The recent Rupee Crisis in Bhutan has left many Bhutanese worried. The government’s ban and restriction on the rupee was very sudden and hit the Bhutanese market bad. People now started looking for an alternate source to earn rupees. In such times, some bad guys took advantage of the situation; Royal Monetary Authority should not […]

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Yet another ‘Lomba’ away from Home

I just found out that my folks at home are busy with the Lomba celebrations. This is one time of the year I miss home and my folks terribly. It’s been ages since I was home on the occasion of Lomba. I have been trying to be gay all day laughing at silly jokes, overlooking others’ fault and […]