Recipe: Traditional Bhutanese Thup
A video that shows show thup is made.

Recipe for making traditional Bhutanese Thup

Every year during Lochoe (annual puja) we make thup and send it to all our neighbors. They inturn send to us during their lochoe. Thup is also commonly made during snow day and ‘Blessed Rainy Day’. I have seen many versions of Thup but I don’t like it when people use blender and make their thup a homogenous mixture, that’s not thup!

So how to make thup? Well follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Boil meat (preferably beef) with some bones. Let it boil for 15 minutes.
  • Next, wash 1 measuring cup of rice and add to the content.
  • Let this mixture boil for over an hour or more. On no account you must stir the mixture. If you stir early on, the rice will stick to the bottom of the pot and your thup will smell of burnt rice.
  • You may add some salt and oil (or butter or dalda) while the mixture is cooking.
  • Once the meat and rice are thoroughly cooked, add some chilli powder and power off your stove.
  • Next morning, when the thup is to be served, boil the mixture again
  • To the boiling pot, add a table spoon of salt, some butter. Taste to check
  • Next add ginger paste and some pepper according to your taste.
  • Let the broth boil for about 15 minutes.
  • Your thup is ready to be served.

Recipe courtesy: My dad.


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