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Love Across Generation – Part V

One Saturday evening, Sonam met her friends for dinner. She hasn’t seen them since the night Rigyel messaged her in his drunken state. That was months ago. They had lots to catch up on. Lhamo was seeing someone now. She is obviously so in love; she couldn’t stop talking about him. While Ugyen was on […]

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Love Across Generation – Part III

The weekend was here in a flash. Time sure seemed to fly. On Friday evening, Sonam eagerly waited for her mom and son. They were coming to Thimphu for her mom’s medical checkup. She has complained of body aches and muscle cramps recently. Sonam’s parents are both teachers in Gelephu. Her son Pelyap lives with […]

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Love Across Generation – Part II

Sonam woke up on Tuesday morning with a throbbing headache. She sat up in the bed to text her boss as she decided to take leave and rest. She then went to the kitchen to fetch some water. There she saw her husband, all dressed for the office. He also had a briefcase packed. He informed her that he […]

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Love Across Generation – Part I

This is a story of love and sacrifice, against all odds; of true love that we think doesn’t exist anymore. Rigyel Ugen first joined TPG Technologies in January 2019. He was fresh out of college and with his grades he could have easily gotten a job in the government or one of the corporate giants. […]

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Recipe: Traditional Bhutanese Thup

Recipe for making traditional Bhutanese Thup Every year during Lochoe (annual puja) we make thup and send it to all our neighbors. They inturn send to us during their lochoe. Thup is also commonly made during snow day and ‘Blessed Rainy Day’. I have seen many versions of Thup but I don’t like it when […]